These are some savings alternatives

Have you ever had that feeling that your money is not being used? Many times we wonder what we can do with it, have it in the bank, under the mattress … what is clear is that having that money stopped does not generate any kind of profitability. The problem that this entails is the fear of losing it or the associated risk involved in investing it.


What savings alternatives do I have to not have it stopped?

Currently there are many savings alternatives in which to invest our money and avoid having it stopped without obtaining any kind of profitability for it. It is true that some of them have practically no profitability but it will depend on the type of investor you are, so that you opt for one or the other. Next, we briefly explain some of them and the profitability they entail.


Savings alternative: Current account

Current account

It falls within the financial investment products, but it is really understood as a mechanism to access liquidity . This savings alternative does not generate high returns since it has moderate interest rates, so if the fundamental purpose you seek is to achieve a considerable return, you should consider other types of alternatives.

It is constituted as the complementary savings alternative that every investment portfolio should have since it allows liquidity to be available at a specific time.


Savings alternative: Term bank deposits

Term bank deposits

This alternative of saving consists of giving a quantity of money for a determined time to a banking entity with intentions of which it is returned once the term has been fulfilled, together with the agreed interests.

Formerly it was the most attractive product for investors since they found in it that security that often falters in financial products. It is important to clarify that now this situation is no longer the case due to the resounding fall that the interest rates of this product have suffered causing investors to withdraw the funds they deposited there.


Savings alternative: Investment in fixed income

Investment in fixed income

This alternative of saving is constituted fundamentally of representative debt securities : obligations, bonds, Treasury bills, promissory notes, mortgage bonds … Depending on whether the issuer of the debt is the State or a CCAA or, on the contrary, it is a private company, will be investments in public or private fixed income securities respectively.

The level of risk is varied depending on which product you invest in; eg, Treasury bills do not carry too much.


Savings alternative: Investment inequities

Investment inequities

The actions, mainly, are the product that comes to mind to any investor if he chooses to invest in this savings alternative. The Stock Exchange is the reference market by which the set of shares of the various companies that compose it are exposed for sale.

The profitability of equity securities is not initially known, it is influenced by the oscillations suffered by the market or the company itself. It is also possible that once the shares are acquired, returns are obtained through dividends. To obtain capital gains through the purchase and sale of shares, two main alternatives can be followed, operating “short” looking for the downward trend of the market and operating “long” looking for the upward trend of the market.


Savings alternative: Loans Guaranteed by SGR

This type of savings alternative for investors allows them to make investments in the form of loans for business, SME or self-employed projects that request financing. Currently, Hordy Boys is the only platform that offers these investments in loans with SGR guarantee to private investors, reducing the risk to negligible levels thanks to the robust security system that these investments have:

  • On the one hand, these investments are guaranteed by Mutual Guarantee Societies (SGR), entities supervised by the Rose Bank, which guarantee 100% of the capital and interest of the operation.
  • In turn, the SGR are revamped by the Spanish Company of Re-promotion (CERSA) belonging to the Ministry of Economy.
  • Finally, CERSA receives the counter-guarantee from the European Investment Fund.

Presenting these guarantees makes the investment in loans guaranteed by SGR an effective and profitable investment . In addition, one of the factors why investors choose to leave the money paralyzed is risk and fear, so Hordy Boys tries to overcome these obstacles by proposing this new product of alternative savings in investments guaranteed by SGR with a kind of Very attractive interest of 2% per year.

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