Mortgage loan rate: still some increases in the regions

Faced with the slow rise in real estate rates, spring is no match for this year. However, a period usually favorable to a decline in the banking scales, 2017 does not display this trend. Indeed, we note in the middle of the month that borrowing rates continue to rise slowly in all regions of France. Details.

What notable developments for credit rates?

What notable developments for credit rates?

Again, home loan rates are increasing for the vast majority. And again, these increases are small. They do not exceed 15 cents up, hovering around 10 cents for the most part.

In total over the 7 regions and 6 durations, these are 31 minimum rates (those which benefit the best profiles) which increase, and not less than 38 average rates. The few other mortgage rates remaining are mostly stable. Indeed, this is the case for 9 minimum rates and 4 average rates.

Note however that 2 irreducible minimum rates show decreases. This is the best interest rate over 15 years in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region which loses 3 cents and the longest duration in Ile-de-France which plummets by 35 cents to reach 2%.

At what real estate rate can you borrow according to your region this month?

At what real estate rate can you borrow according to your region this month?

Small but significant reminder: when interest rates reached the famous historical records at the end of last summer, there were homogeneous grids in each region. At the time, it was possible to borrow 0.90% over 15 years and 1.10% over 20 years anywhere in France.

Today the situation is different, not all regions display the same lending rate grids. Indeed, let’s take the example of the mortgage rate over 20 years, you can find the most competitive rate in the Mediterranean where it is equal to 1.30%, followed closely by the Nord and Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne regions at 1.31%. And, it is the Southwest and Ile-de-France regions which have the highest rate: 1.40%.

To find out all the borrowing rates in your region, consult our regional barometer of real estate rates.

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