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The description of an instant loan is not always a loan that is paid out immediately. Banks make these promises clear in their loan offers, but an instant loan is subject to the same credit checks as a conventional loan. In some offers, an instant loan is also called a quick loan.

You can apply for the instant loan online, but branch banks are also available. An instant loan means that as little time as possible passes between the loan request and the loan payment. Many customers believe that a loan is paid out within an hour. With a direct bank, however, these timeframes cannot be met. Since this credit application is processed online with the direct bank, there can be no instant credit without Credit Bureau online so quickly.

The branch banks have a clear advantage with this credit procedure, because if the relevant creditworthiness documents can be presented, the bank only has to make a Credit Bureau request and the loan is ready for payment. But with an instant loan without Credit Bureau online, a loan from the branch bank is hardly possible. The credit risk is too high for these banks, they fear a credit default. The reason is to be found in the negative Credit Bureau.

The loan without Credit Bureau online

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Credit Bureau provides banks with information about their customers’ payment behavior in the past. Credit Bureau stores all payment irregularities such as reminder of an invoice, unpaid invoices, canceled loans. These negative characteristics result in a loan being rejected. The way out of this situation is the foreign loan, which comes mainly from banks in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Why is a foreign loan the alternative to a conventional loan? With this form of credit there is no Credit Bureau query and no entry is noted.

But not all consumers are predestined for a Swiss loan. You must be able to present a sufficiently high and regularly incoming income that is above the garnishment-free limit. There should be a permanent employment contract with at least one year. Since these loans are mostly covered by income, a transfer of wages must be signed. If there are payment defaults, the garnishment of wages occurs immediately.

For example, anyone wishing to apply for a loan of $ 5,000 must have a net working income of $ 1,600 as a single person. Each person subject to maintenance is charged an additional 250 USD. A couple with a child should have an income of 1,850 USD. Possibly existing child benefit is not added to the income. It is a government grant that cannot be seized and therefore does not count towards income.



An instant loan without Credit Bureau online always has the same application process. Most loans are processed through a credit intermediary. However, a loan application can also be made to the only credit Best Bank from Liechtenstein. All conditions and interest rates can be found on the bank’s website, and a loan application can also be downloaded.

The procedure for applying for a loan is always the same, and the credit check takes a few days for the money to reach your account. No foreign bank will make a difference. The promises of banks that advertise an instant loan do not actually exist in this form. Only the branch bank can issue this if the relevant framework conditions exist.

If you order an instant loan without Credit Bureau online from a credit intermediary, fill out the credit application with the relevant data and send it to the credit intermediary. This checks against the data and sends the customer a loan offer, which is not binding. The loan approval is only given by the lending bank after checking the creditworthiness documents (proof of wages, bank statements and a copy of the employment contract). There are approximately three to four days between these processes.

Only the immediate non-binding loan approval from a credit broker can be described as quick and immediate. Likewise, after the loan approval, the loan is paid out, which is paid out almost at the time of the approval. A real instant credit without Credit Bureau online will not exist in the form because of the postal processing.

The credit broker

The credit broker

If the loan seeker chooses a credit broker, he does not have to go through the trouble of looking for a lender himself, unless he decides to apply for a loan from the Liechtenstein credit bank. A credit broker can choose a suitable instant loan without Credit Bureau online for his customers from the range of over 20 donors.

However, one should pay attention to its seriousness, ie it must not charge upfront fees or insurance contracts that are dependent on a loan commitment. A credit broker should work with transparency, disclose all data, the loan amount, the term, the interest rate and its fees.

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